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The amendment to the act on construction law contains EU requirements concerning implementation of EU Directive 2002/91/EC, that is Energy Performance Certificates to polish law.


Company 888 started business activity on 08.08.08 ( which is the origin of the company’s name). The company founder is MA Eng architect Mirosława Puczyńska, who has been connected with architectural and structural branch for several years.

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Energy Performance Certificate

According to the act on construction law, from 1 January 2009, the Energy Performance Certificate is obligatory for building being given for occupancy , sold or rent, modernized or rebuilt, if any change in the building’s energy profile (characteristic???) was made.

The Energy Performance Certificate can be issued only by energy auditors. On the basis of the energy characteristic, which is specified in the construction project or determined during construction inventory for existing buildings, an integrated characteristic is made.

The energy characteristic is the collection of data and energy factors regarding calculated energy requirements for heating, hot   water, ventilation and cooling for residential buildings, and lighting for   public utility buildings.

The energy classes for buildings by Association for Sustainable Development of Poland:

Residential building   

EP [kWh/m2 a]

Very energy efficient   
20 do 45
Energy efficient 45 do 80
Medium-energy efficient
80 do 100
100 do 15
Energy-intensive 150 do 250
Very energy-intensive    over 250


The Energy Performance Certificate of a building or residential premise will show, how much energy is needed by building or residential premise during the year. This amount is defined by an energy performance factor EP [kWh/m2/a]. Additionally certificate contains possibilities of upgrading, which will reduce energy consumption.

The certificate must be renewed, after its expiration date (certificate is valid for 10 years), or earlier, if   any change in the building’s energy profile is made.


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